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When getting married, there’s the old saying “all you need is love”. But if truth is told, every couple wants something a little more: to start life together having shared a memorable, romantic and beautiful wedding day.

And, as with any successful marriage, a fantastic wedding needs thought, imagination and a good deal of happiness to make it work. The great weddings appear seemingly effortless. At The Cliff we offer not just a breathtakingly beautiful venue, but also a complete and flawless experience from start to finish.

We'll think about it

From the moment the bride and groom step off the plane here in Barbados, our preferred wedding planners will ensure they, and every aspect of the wedding, is taken care of just perfectly.

Everything will be arranged, small and large: from airport limo pick-up, to the paperwork and registrar. Working alongside top wedding planners here or abroad, we make the wedding day as easy and as stress-free as being in Barbados should be.

We create the perfect wedding

We meet with the couple in advance to plan every aspect. Once the meeting is over, they can then enjoy their vacation, assured that all details are being taken care of by bespoke professionals behind the scene.

Here at The Cliff we like to think differently, and encourage the bride and groom to stretch their imaginations so that anything they desire can be included: from arrival by boat, to an offshore steel band or a completely tailor made menu. Whether it’s flowers or fireworks, anything that can be thought of we can do. We’re here to inspire.

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